Metallic Epoxy Colors Chart

Metallic epoxy flooring can elevate your space, offering a variety of interesting visual effects, all thanks to innovative techniques used for its creation and application. It’s an appealing choice among different epoxy colors and finishes, especially if your project requires a more unique approach. 

See the Atlantic Concrete Design metallic epoxy color chart below to learn about the metallic colors we include in our services.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Color Chart

metallic color pearl
Black Base
metallic color blonde
Black Base
metallic color brass
Black Base
metallic color royal blue
Royal Blue
Black Base
metallic color slate
Black Base
metallic color champagne
Black Base
metallic color burnt orange
Burnt Orange
Black Base
metallic color miodnight blue
Midnight Blue
Black Base
metallic color gun metal
Gun Metal
Black Base
metallic color pewter
Black Base
metallic color copper
Black Base
metallic color dark cherry
Dark Cherry
Black Base
metallic color characol
Black Base
metallic color bronze
Black Base
metallic color toffe
Black Base
metallic color wine red
Wine Red
Black Base
metallic color onyx
Black Base
metallic color sequoia
Black Base

Solid Epoxy Floor Color Chart

solid color deck gray
Haze Gray
solid color haze gray
Deck Gray
solid color sandstone
solid color safety yellow
Safety Yellow
solid color tile red
Tile Red
solid color white

Why Choose Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

Our clients select metallic epoxy flooring to stand out from the crowd. This group of colors can transform any room or commercial space by accentuating the floors and their modern or luxurious character. 

Metallic epoxy coating can add depth or depict abstract elements, enhancing the appeal of the flooring in addition to protecting it from wear and damage. It’s an innovative solution that is gaining more and more interest among both private and commercial clients.

Advantages of Metallic Epoxy Coating

Some of the most significant advantages of metallic epoxy coating include:

Fantastic Durability 

A multi-layered coating that includes an epoxy resin mixed with metallic mica powder does not lose any of the traditional epoxy paint’s properties. Meaning it offers the same exceptional level of protection for your floors against wear, damage, and abrasions for many years to come.

Effortless Maintenance

The maintenance of metallic epoxy flooring is as easy as it gets. The coating is water-resistant, which makes it easy to remove any spills or dirt. All that is required is a broom, mop, and some water with proper detergent to maintain the excellent condition of the floors.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the biggest selling points of metallic epoxy colors is the visual effect these paints create. From deep and atmospheric Royal or Midnight Blue to warm, confident Burnt Orange and Wine Red, metallic flooring can highlight the unique, intriguing character of your home and spaces.

Atlantic Concrete Design Is Your Guarantee of Quality 

We are an epoxy flooring contractor in NYC and New Jersey, operating with years of experience under our belt. Our commitment to the quality of all of our materials and services remains unchanged, and we’ve got many satisfied clients who can testify to that.

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