Epoxy Flooring in New York City

“If you can make it in NYC you can make it anywhere!” Consequently the same goes for high build epoxy flooring. With its proven track record in many installations throughout Manhattan and the boroughs, this type of epoxy flooring therefore is strong enough to withstand the highest foot traffic in the best city in the world.

What’s “High Build” Epoxy Flooring

High build epoxy floor is gauged out with squeegee that measures out the thickness of the epoxy. High build epoxy refers to the thickness of the coating going on your floor. There are thin millage systems and high build (high millage systems). By installing high build flooring you are now extending the life and strength of your investment. We have seen NYC foot traffic wear down night club flooring in under a year because it was poorly installed. A high build epoxy floor that is top coated with a good urethane, as a result will easily last the life of the business, most of all with the right maintenance.r with 100 percent solids for the wet look. All concrete grind and seal should have a durable top coat of urethane installed for superior scratch resistance.

High Build Epoxy Flooring Applications

High build epoxy applications come in 3 styles. Pigmented or solid color epoxy, Metallic pigment and also available in clear. Naturally these systems can be placed in anywhere from retail flooring applications, office space flooring, restaurant / nightclub flooring and industrial flooring scenarios such as boiler rooms and manufacturing plants.

Where We Install Floors

Installers of epoxy flooring in New York City and Surrounding Areas including Jersey City

We install high build epoxy flooring in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Jersey City and surrounding areas. We are able to quickly service these areas and have had over 10 years of experience maneuvering through these busy city areas which many outsiders decline. Most noteworthy we are licensed and insured to work in New York City and New Jersey. Please do no hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.

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