Precision Floor Leveling Services

Transform your uneven, worn concrete floors into smooth, level surfaces with Atlantic Concrete Design’s professional floor leveling services. Contact us today to revitalize the look of your commercial or residential floors with our affordable, high-quality precision leveling solutions in New York City and New Jersey.

What Makes Our Precision Floor Leveling Services Stand Out

Our precision floor leveling services deliver unparalleled results thanks to our rigorous process, high-quality materials, and unmatched expertise.

Here’s what makes our precision leveling services the top choice in NYC and NJ.

Advanced Equipment

We use the latest cutting-edge technology, like laser-guided equipment, to ensure pinpoint precision in identifying and correcting uneven spots on your floors. This allows for the most accurate leveling possible.

Skilled Technicians

Our team consists of highly-trained professionals with extensive experience in precision concrete leveling. They have the skills to expertly assess your floors and perform leveling for optimal flatness and smoothness.

Specialized Materials

We use only industry-leading leveling compounds and underlayments. These advanced materials allow for rapid curing and create a strong, durable, and seamless surface.

Efficient Process

Our streamlined leveling process minimizes downtime so you can get back to business quickly. We work efficiently from start to finish.

Flawless Finishes

With our precision techniques, you can expect perfectly smooth, attractive concrete floors free of pits, cracks, and irregularities. We deliver consistent, professional-grade results.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We stand behind our leveling workmanship 100%. Our number one goal is a happy customer with beautiful, functional, leveled floors.

How Our Precision Floor Leveling Process Works

We offer both overlayments and underlayments to fix wavy, uneven concrete floors. Self-leveling concrete is a rapid-curing cement that can reach compressive strengths similar to or exceeding standard concrete. 

We utilize these specialized formulations to swiftly deliver flat, smooth floors. Our self-leveling concrete can be applied over existing substrates like concrete, tile, wood, and asbestos.

We provide two application methods:

Flat and Smooth – Using gauge rakes set at a specific height for consistent smoothness.

Laser Level – Pinning the floor and using lasers allows us to deliver precise, exact floor height.

Our underlayments absorb subfloor imperfections, so finished flooring can be installed over a perfectly smooth, hard surface. Our underlayments typically cure from 3000-4000 PSI.

For a durable finished floor, we also provide concrete overlayments that cure from 5000-10,000 PSI. These can be stained, polished, or finished to create an attractive floor surface.

Here is a closer look at how our self-leveling concrete process works:

First, we assess the existing floor to determine the best methods, materials, and thickness for a level floor. Proper assessment is critical. Next, we prepare the surface through cleaning, crack repair, and removing contaminants. Proper substrate prep promotes maximum adhesion.

The self-leveling concrete is then blended on-site to achieve the ideal flow rate and cure time. The right mix design is key. We then pour or pump the material across the floor, where it spreads smoothly into a uniform layer. Our technicians use gauges and lasers to meticulously monitor the level as the concrete self-levels.

The material rapidly cures, often within hours, into a hardened, walkable surface. We have different formulations to meet project needs. Lastly, we apply curing compounds as needed to optimize moisture retention during curing, ensuring strength.

The result is a flawlessly smooth, flat floor ready for coatings, polish, or final finishes. Our self-leveling expertise always delivers professional floor leveling with efficiency.

Where Are Our Floor Leveling Solutions Applicable?

Our precision floor leveling services are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces that require smoothed, flattened concrete floors.

In residential settings, we frequently level floors in basements, garages, laundry rooms, and other areas to create an even surface for flooring installation. For homeowners, this provides a cost-effective way to fix cracked or uneven slabs and prepare for new flooring.

Our commercial clients use our leveling services in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail spaces, and more. Precision leveling allows businesses to cover large areas efficiently and create flat, durable surfaces ready for commercial flooring.

Why Choose Atlantic Concrete Design as Your Precision Floor Leveling Contractor in NYC?

With over 12 years as NYC’s top concrete flooring expert, Atlantic Concrete Design has the proven experience to deliver flawless floor leveling services.

We’ve taken on projects across New York City, from high-end residential spaces like penthouse apartments to expansive commercial builds like airplane hangars. Our diverse portfolio includes contributing quality concrete flooring solutions to unique landmarks like the 9/11 Memorial Museum, Empire State Building, and Hudson Yards.

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